Fall Line Freeway

Fall Line Freeway (GA DOT Project FLF-540)

The Fall Line Freeway, to be designated State Route 540 upon completion, is a 200-mile route that will eventually link Columbus, Macon, and Augusta with a four-lane highway.

Although designated as a "freeway", the majority of this highway will be existing two-lane roads that will be widened to four-lane divided highways. Currently, the only completed portions are:

Fall Line Freeway Update - 12/4/97 - Courtesy of Michael of Macon (GSUMichael@aol.com):

I live in Macon, along the Fall Line Freeway's route. As I'm sure you know, there's a tremendous debate raging between the state and the Cherokee Indian Nation (out of Oklahoma) as to the route of the freeway through/around the Ocmulgee National Monument. However, construction is underway on some of the route in this area. In particular, GA Highway 57.

The Fall Line Freeway (FLF)is supposed to follow GA 57 for some distance on its' way out of Macon. Construction has been completed on GA 57 from its' beginning at US 80 in Macon to the Jones/Twiggs County line. (Note: the state took about half of my aunt's front yard for the widening - she lived on GA 57 just pass US 80.) The highway is 4-lanes, with continuous center turn lane. From the Jones/Twiggs line to the Twiggs/Wilkinson County line, construction is progressing. Looks like the highway will be 4-lanes, divided, with grass median. If so, the work is nearly complete on most of this section, with shoulders and striping left to be done.

Also, there is one stretch of GA 96 that has been widened to 4 lanes, grass median, between Fort Valley and Reynolds. It isn't listed on my 1997-98 Georgia DOT map, but it's about two miles in length. If I remember correctly, it's between Reynolds and the Flint River (Crawford/Taylor County line). I'm would think that this is part of the FLF, because it's a stretch of road in the middle of nowhere. There are no roads that connect to GA 96 along this stretch. There are no driveways, houses or anything else. There are (I think) three creeks that are crossed, though.

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