U.S. Highway 27/State Route 1

U.S. Highway 27/State Route 1 (GA DOT Project EDS-27)

US 27 (a.k.a. "West Georgia Developmental Highway") runs for over 350 miles across the western part of Georgia, paralleling the Alabama line. The GRIP plan is to widen the road all the way from the Tennessee line to the Florida line, thus providing a four-lane corridor from Chattanooga to Tallahassee.

Part of this highway runs through the town of Bremen, in Haralson County, home of the Thomas B. Murphy, Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives since 1973 (need I say more?).

The largest cities along US 27/SR 1 are Rome and Columbus.

As of February, 1997, the only parts of the US 27 corridor completed include:

Trivia Note: Cuthbert is the hometown of former NFL player Roosevelt "Rosie" Greer.

US 27 Update - 12/4/97 - Courtesy of Michael of Macon (GSUMichael@aol.com):

I grew up in LaGrange, and my parents still live there. The US 27 widening is affecting the city in a hard way. The DOT has announced that they plan to bypass LaGrange, like every other town along the route. US 27 currently runs directly through the heart of town. According to the DOT's plans, the new highway would connect to Interstate 185 south of LaGrange and follow it north to the I-85 intersection. A new four-lane controlled access section would then be constructed from that exit north then west around town. It would reconnect with the current US 27 several miles north of LaGrange. As you can imagine, the town leaders in LaGrange are very upset. The LaGrange Daily News has covered the story for about a year. About two months ago, an article described a meeting between city officials and DOT chief Wayne Shackleford, in which Shackleford made it clear US 27 would follow this new route and would bypass the city... period.

Apparently, they are also just as committed to bypassing the city of Franklin, in Heard County, even though US 27 through town is already 4-laned. Also, they would have to construct a new bridge over the Chattahoochee River.

As of January, 1999, US 27/SR 1 is now 4-lanes divided from Colquitt to the Florida State Line. It continues as a divided highway all the way to I-10 and Tallahassee.

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Last Update: February 12, 1999